EWCA Listserv

EWCA Mailing List

Mailing list address for EWCA is ewca-listserv@sabanciuniv.edu.
You can use this address to send a message to all members on the mailing list.
If you want to write to a group or just one member on the list, please use individual mail addresses.

Use the links below to subscribe to / unsubscribe from the EWCA mailing list. This will open an e-mail composition window. Just send it without typing anything.

Subscribe to the list
Unsubscribe from the list

If you have an e-mail address accessed via web interface (such as yahoo.com, hotmail.com) send an empty message to ewca-listserv-request@sabanciuniv.edu with the subject subscribe to subscribe. To unsubscribe from the list send a message to the same address with the subject unsubscribe.

To complete your subscription, please fill in the boxes and click SUBMIT.
If there is a change in your address, fill in the boxes, adding the word [update] and click SUBMIT to inform us of the change.

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